Essential Travel Safety Tips

Essential Travel Safety Tips

Do your research

It is imperative to do your part of research on the destination you desire to go before arrival. Tend to read other traveler’s review about the locality, the people and incidences of crime on bag packers and if possible get to know first-hand information on safety about the place from the locals. Remember to note down emergency numbers from your embassy, consulate or law enforcement.

Do not draw attention

Out of town tourists are the most vulnerable targets for crime and theft. So tend to avoid looking so obvious by wearing local attire, looking at maps inconspicuously and asking the right people for directions without luring attraction. When traveling abroad, it is an excellent tip to invest in protective gear to avoid being victims of pickpockets.

Make copies of vital documents


It is imperative to establish several hard copies of critical documents such as passports, driver’s license and other documentation to validate identification while traveling. Upon doing so, you save time pondering your bag for documents each time requested. Maintain a copy is always safe as well.

Keep your friends and family updated

Regardless of whether you are indulging in a local overnight trip or international traveling, it is imperative to let your family and friends know about your whereabouts, what you’re up to, what you intend on doing over there and details about your return.

Be wary of public Wi-Fi

Do not get overwhelmed over free Wi-Fi, as it could a platform for hackers in an attempt to steal crucial personal data such as credit card or social security numbers. Remember to set up a VPN when traveling as it enables secure and safe internet access and tend to avoid public Wi-Fi.

Safeguard your hotel room

Ensuring your safety is priority number one. Regardless of which hotel you stay in and even if it as great security measures, it is crucial you take a few additional steps to establish your maximum safety. For example, keeping all the blinds, windows and door closed.

Do not open the door to strangers even if it is hotel room service without calling and clarifying. Also when you go outside the room, tend to give the impression you are inside the room by putting up do not disturb boards on the door.

Be aware of your surroundings

Do not get overwhelmed with the joy of exploring new places, cultures or meeting new people and let your guard down. Remember to maintain your guard always and keep an eye out for your personal belongings such as bags or jewelry when traveling. Trust your inner judgment always when meeting and talking to strangers. If you feel the slightest hint of suspicion or uncomfortable, avoid those individuals, if they keep following you, contact your nearest law enforcement officer or department.

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